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Daring Giants FINALLY Remounted in Montana!

After 3 years of productions being delayed time and time again, we were finally able to take Daring Giants to the stage once more in Flathead Valley, Montana! During the pandemic, the script for Daring Giants was able to be re-written and evolved dramatically from it's first production at Northwest Vista College back in 2019. With the help of my good friend Rich Haptonstall, the show was a huge success. See the summary of the show below:

FVCC Theatre presents Daring Giants, an original script by independent performer and playwright Tyler Keyes. Both humorous and haunting, Daring Giants is filled with myth and mystery as it follows a young girl’s journey to find the truth about the stars and why they have disappeared. With the help of two addled assistants, she listens to the stories of the “Tellers” and tries to make sense of the conflicting information all while trying to ignore the mysterious voices of the “Villains” coming from the forest.

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