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Acting and CV Resumes


Height: 6'1 

Weight: 190 lbs 

Eye Color: Blue   

Hair Color: Bald/Brown


The Curious Incident...Nighttime Ed Boone           Public Theater                  (Mark Stringham, dir.)

The  Unexpected Guest                Starkwedder       TexArts Theater               (J.R. Moore, dir.)

An Act of God                                Michael               Vexler Theater                 (Dylan Brainard, dir.)

Stage Kiss                                       He                       Cellar Theater                  (J.R. Moore, dir.)

The Irish Curse                               Stephen              AtticRep                           (Seth Larson,dir.)

Who’s Afraid of…Woolf?               Nick                    AtticRep                           (R. Prestigiacomo,dir.)

Arms and the Man                         Bluntchli              Classic Theater               (Stacey Connelly, dir.)

Scapin                                             Octave                Classic Theater                (Matthew Cassi, dir.)

Firebugs                                          Biedermann       Classic Theater                (Diane Malone, dir.)

The Pillowman                                Ariel                    Woodlawn Theater         (Kevin Murray, dir.)

Cries That Bind                              Johnny                Cellar Theater                  (David Rinear, dir.)

D.O.A.                                             Halladay             Overtime Theater            (Matthew Cassi, dir)

Broken Record                                Ben                     Overtime Theater           (Catherine Babbit dir.)

The Happy Couple                         Michael              Overtime Theater            (Matthew Cassi, dir.)

Run For Your Wife                          Bobby                 Vexler Theater                 (Matthew Cassi, dir.)


Man of the Cloth                           Lead                      Comedy Boyz Productions

Gun and Bottle                              Supporting           SDR Pictures

Damsel                                   Lead                  Juice House Productions
Lion Fund                               Lead                  Walley Films
Perfect Solution                     Supporting        Walley Films


Online Media

The Best Worst Acting Class   Lead                 Just Giggle It
Watching You                          Guest Star        Frozen Fire Productions

Training & Workshops

On-Camera Commercial Training                                               Donise L. Hardy C.S.A (Austin, TX)


Viewpoints, Suzuki, and Composition                                        Dir. Anne Bogart (Saratoga Springs, NY)


Devising, Movement, Acting and Voice                                     Gaiety School of Acting (Dublin, Ireland)


BA in Theatre and Education                                                       Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)

Special Skills

Vocal Range: Baritone; Dialects: British (Standard and Cockney), Irish, Scottish, Australian, New York/East Coast (others as needed); Languages: Conversational Spanish; Instruments: Guitar; Stage Combat: Unarmed and moderate weapon work; Improvisation: Short/Long form; Juggling: 3 Balls; U.S. Passport; and Acrobatic Tongue Tricks.

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